Roundhouse comments book

A selection from the Imaginary light exhibition comments book

An absolutely amazing exhibition. The most poetic and beautiful I have seen for a very long time.
Ulrik Linkild

What an uplifting experience - Holistic and embracing, worth coming to London from California.

An interaction of two strong elements, light + earth mixed with perception. I've never seen better art and don't expect to see such a masterpiece again for a long time. Well done, you're brilliant - Thank you.

Wow - this is the most moving work I have seen for ages - I feel like a different person from when I walked in - Thank you so much.
Polly Penrose

Poetic, personal, made me feel my own individual life. Thank you.
Thea Clark

More - I could do with a London full of work like this - please put me on your mailing list.
Cilla Conway

Quite unbelievable use of light & projection - Totally altered my perspective & I work with false lighting all the time. Superb.

Superb exhibition. I didn't want to leave this space.

Absolutely gorgeous poetic license, spiritually heart stopping, amazing, personal journey, live experience. Alive inside.

I loved every moment of being faced with paradox and wonder - Thank you - my very core is singing with ideas and my mind is playing with form. Thank you

This is a really inspiring exhibition! One of the most emotional experiences I had during my trip to London. I wish the artist all the best on his way! Really admire this work, especially the use of space and light.
Mark Acsman

Could spend all day in this space with this work

Its the most fantastic exhibition of my life. Thank you very much for your activity.
Jong-Gem Lee

Best work aesthetically and ideologically that I have seen in a long while. Can't wait to see next show of work
Jason Byrne

Most excellent - best I've seen for a hell of a long time - More of please.
Matt Goat

Subtle, poetic, with awe inspiring depth, (like visual / spatial Italo Calvino ?)
Awe inspiring - Should be seen by everyone
Graham Elms

Going through the door - the scariest thing I've ever done !

I started to laugh like a lunatic when I opened the door behind which I saw those thousands of shoes. But the window .... no words ! More than amazing.

I think I am travelling inside your heart which is like going outside the earth.

Very moving - I will keep it close to my heart.

Amazing use of space. An incredibly engaging experience ... I'll recommend it to everyone I know ... Great.
(Student University of Carolina)

Many thanks for a great installation which restores joy in life, art and everything.
Willow Winston

Possibly no other space could have evoked my sense of mortality more completely. The work teems with emotion - personal and social. I leave changed. Thank you greatly.
Jake Liman, Steamboat Springs USA

I have been so depressed about contemporary art recently - and then I came & saw your work. Unspeakably breathtaking. I am uplifted and inspired beyond words. Thank you.
Mimi Pomaorska

Wonderful poetic moments transfixed and transfigured by the light - but the sense of loss and absence was overwhelming for me. But truly an experience to remember. So many thanks.

Stunning ! One of the best things I have seen. Stepping inside dreams and onto a stage. Very symbolic, of what I'm not sure. That adds to it immensely.

When you have finished with it please can I mind your moon in a bucket- I promise to look after it ! I thought it was all absolutely brilliant.
Jan Tinems

Intensely personal & for me very successful journey into another human being's perspective and vision that evoked powerful and deep conversation from inside me. - and an evocative setting that intensifies the experience. Thanks.
Annie Lloyd

More of your work please ! More exhibitions ! More you ! More !
W ?

I am a maker of site specific work with installation & enjoyed this alot, because it was so clear and so simple in its intent, but had alot of resonance for me as well as speaking on a universal level.
Melanie Thompson

Inspirational, mind boggling, beautiful. Keep up the good work.

Very beautiful and refreshingly simple. I really am going to think about it for some time. Its balanced me. Please put me on your mailing list.
Star Street

Perfectly beautiful, serene, gorgeous. I feel better about myself by seeing these works.
Jo Pace (art student)

I am utterly amazed ! Beautiful and scary - a fairy tale atmosphere. Most amazing thing I have ever seen - I nearly cried
A Myers

Turning world inside-out , creation of imaginary space that is real - as real as anything else - You managed to create it outside of your head - outside of our heads, for it to go back into imagination, The space - although a bit scary at moments was perfect - labyrinth -
Charles Graves, Central School

My day has been effected in the most amazing way after just walking in without expectation and finding what I did - These words are nowhere near enough !!! The closest I can go is WOW !!

A lesson to us all. (Keep it simple)

With deepest, deepest gratitude.
Patricia McGuinness

Very hard to leave and go out into the real world

Surprising & beautiful - I feel better for having seen this.

Brilliant and inspiring. Astonishing work.
A McEachern

Wonderfully thought provoking and will stay with me bringing up more and more of what the pieces each meant to me. To me very peaceful: a peace to enjoy
Jennie Thompson

So beautiful, so sad. Looks like there is hope, but turns out there is no hope. Two completely different images work so well together. I love your work
Aika Kumazawa

Disturbing, nightmarish, thought provoking. Will remember these for a long time.

The moon on the pail of milk
Or the stars that float in the sea of darkness
The brightest
glows from your imagination
Eva Tang, Singapore

I would like to own 2 rooms just filled with the sky in the boat and the moon in the bucket. The atmosphere in here is wonderful

(Plus a whole tight-written page from Brenda Benghen on her second visit, a long typed poem from Biddy Taylor brought in by her husband and 560 others)