2 Doors (Remembering my father) (2000)

2 Doors (Remembering my father)

Door, slide projector, shoes

106 x 290 x 450cm

There are two doors in the sense that there is a real, slightly open door, and the image of a door projected onto it with light seemingly coming from the space beyond.  The viewer is invited to open the door, but beyond the space is unlit, but filled with an enormous pile of shoes.

I have been told that this piece was frightening to approach.

I made the piece after the death of my father.  He had been a surgeon in the paratroops during the war, and part of the first group which took over Belsen concentration camp from the Germans.  It changed him. There was a enormous heap of shoes of all the dead people.  Helping to clear out his clothes after his death, I found that nobody wants second hand shoes.

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