The invention of Nothingness No.1 (2008)

The invention of Nothingness No.1 (normal view)

Floodlight + emulsion paint on wall (2008) (The floodlight goes out every 2 minutes and the gallery light comes on for one second) (see below)

The normal view of the piece with the floodlight on creates an almost blank field, but for brief seconds every couple of minutes the light goes out and overhead lights come on, revealing a vortex of blackness.

I am currently remaking  \"The invention of Nothingness No.2\" (2011) (not yet exhibited) which takes the idea further.  As in No.1, I am concerned with the invisible and death.  Painters are concerned with modifying the reflective qualities of a surface but largely take incident light as a given. Artists concerned with projections normally do the opposite.  In these works, and more clearly in No.2, the two are in a precise balance.) However the piece is not simply intended as an exploration of visual perception.


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