Marcel Duchamp sets out for the new world (1983)

Marcel Duchamp sets out for the new world

bottle, glue, salt cellar

An in-joke.  The great avant garden artist Marcel Duchamp (referring to alchemical symbolism) called himself the "Marchand du Sel" (the Salt Seller).  My image of him sailing to take up residence in the USA is a play on the ship in a bottle, with the ship and its imaginary salt sea replaced by his 3 legged homophone a "salt cellar" (He made much use of the image of a three legged coffee grinder with legs like those). His famous cracked painting on glass "The bride stripped bare by her bachelors even" was finished by being broken.  So I broke the bottle to insert the salt cellar.  On the bottle are the words "Marcel Duchamp sets out for the New World"

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