One Day and a Hundred Years (2006-7)

One Day and a Hundred Years

two rooms: 2 plinths each with lightbulb and button-press, two sets of computer equipment with LED time display, one with GPS time source, two texts

The piece required a complex computer program.  The first plinth with lightbulb and button-press creates the (potentially) testable suggestion that if you press the button the light will come on in 24 hours (for the same time period that you pressed the button). The second plinth, which is encountered further on, tells you the same thing but this time tells you the light will come on in 100 years.  Your imagination, as you press the button, is projected into a time beyond your death.  

I commit myself to maintaining the computer and handing the piece on to someone who will maintain it after my death, potentially allowing this faint light to be seen.

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