World in World (2000)

World in World

Bed sheet, artist's blood.

160 x 130cm

Go out across the world in every direction until you find yourself returned, inverted, to your starting point, the edge of yourself.


This is an egocentric map painted onto a bedsheet with my own blood.  It was created by extending imaginary lines in every direction from London, UK.  Wherever they struck a coast it was recorded, as in an ordinary map of the world.  At first the map looks as one would expect, but the further away somewhere is, the more distorted its outline becomes. The furthest point of the world where the lines should come together becomes, of course, the circumference of a circle.  Continuing on around the world, to return after a full circle to the original point of origin, all the continents and islands are repeated as an ever widening circle, but but this time everything becomes a stretched mirror image.

I am the centre of the map and I am also the edge, containing everything.

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